Graduate Program

May 8, 2024

Our team is growing and we have a strong need for the very best graduates.

Our graduate program is structured with both “on the job” and formal, focussed, one-on-one training (usually with our senior lawyers and partners), and is offered by way of a 1 year contract.

In our graduate program, graduates are given carriage of real transactions (under close and careful supervision) so that they are exposed to a wide range of tasks to develop skills in drafting, client relationship management, legal research, file management as well as the practical aspects of conveyancing and leasing complex commercial assets. We pride ourselves on providing a high level of mentoring and development feedback throughout the program.

Our graduate program is open to applicants who, at the commencement of the program have completed their law degree.

Start date 

Our next intake will be on 5 August 2024 (for those who will have completed their law degree  by mid 2024). 

What can we offer you?

Massons is a premium law firm specialising exclusively in Australian commercial property law. Led by Jodie Masson and Leisha de Aboitiz, Massons has a high profile within the real estate industry and a sophisticated client base built on long-term relationships.

Massons advises on any legal issue relating to the acquisition, sale or ongoing management of commercial property. It is a rapidly growing firm, prioritising retention of the best people.

Massons delivers simple solutions for complex property projects.

The goal: making hard things look easy.

If successful, you would be working in our state-of-the-art office located at 185 Clarence Street, Sydney.

What we are looking for?

If you are interested in being part of the Massons formal graduate program, ideally you will need to:

  • be intelligent and driven and passionate about commercial property law
  • have outstanding academic results
  • be available to work full time (subject to any College of Law or PLT program)
  • have strong attention to detail
  • have the ability to manage a large workload under pressure, prioritise and deliver work with a high level of accuracy
  • have maturity and common sense
  • have advanced Microsoft Office skills, particularly Outlook, Word and Excel
  • have a positive attitude

Massons considers that diversity is the path to an evolved legal practice. We encourage applications from all cultural and academic backgrounds and invite applicants to identify any aspects of their cultural or personal background (eg indigenous, refugee, rural etc) and any academic, community or social engagement or interests (eg sport, the arts, volunteering, passions or social causes) which they believe would contribute positively to the quality of cross-thought and ideation within our firm.

Application process

When submitting your formal application, send your resume and academic transcript to by the application due date.  Your application must include a cover letter providing answers to the following questions:

  1. Why do you want to take part in the Massons graduate program?
  2. What skills and attributes do you think that a lawyer working in a premium specialist law firm might need compared to a lawyer working in a more traditional multi-service law firm?
  3. Having regard to your answer to question #2, why do you think you might be suitable for the Massons graduate program?
  4. Massons is a transactions-focused firm. Are you able to identify some of the ways our lawyers might add value to clients in commercial transactions? If you were a graduate at Massons, how would you provide that value?
  5. At Massons, we understand that our people are more than just the sum of their work history and their academic results. We value both diversity and well-rounded people. Can you tell us something about yourself that you think we might find fun or interesting (ie something that isn’t apparent from your resume and university results)?
  6. Historically, Massons has been privileged to have attracted a large number of exceptional candidates for our entry level positions. What is the one thing that you would like to say about yourself in closing that might make us prioritise your application above our other candidates?


Candidates will be assessed and selected based on:

  • their formal application as outlined above; and
  • an interview with one of our senior lawyers or partners.

Offers will be made promptly following the interview.

Application due date 

  • Applications for the August 2024 intake close 30 June 2024 

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